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Pennies for a Cure

Bryson, a Lenkerville Elementary School student, learned that his aunt had been diagnosed with melanoma, and Bryson decided he wanted to try and help. Bryson (and Bryson's Family) decided to start a collection that could be donated to The Melanoma Research Foundation. Bryson brought his idea to the teachers and principal at Lenkerville, and it was decided that this was a cause worth supporting. Over the past few weeks, students and staff donated to the cause, along with the community.

 At the Bank

Bryson went to Mid Penn Bank to get all the pennies, coins, and all the other monies he'd received counted. Mid Penn Bank staff were kind enough to let Bryson help in the coin counting. We are beyond grateful to say that in coins and bills he raised $651.31.  Bryson also received checks made out directly to the Melanoma Research Foundation.  Bryson raised a total of $1,109.31 for the Melanoma Research Foundation.

Counting Coins