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Glow Day

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Glow Day

Glow day is a special event that the third graders did to practice various math concepts.  One of the stations we did was Jenga. We answered a multiplication problem and then we got to pull a piece from the Jenga tower. We also worked with multiplication cups. That is where you have to match up different factors/cups to get the correct product. We also created multiplication houses. We have a word problem and we need to make a Christmas house to go with it to practice multiplication and arrays. We also did a little bit of division. We made multiplication and division circles by matching the factors with the product or to find the quotient. Next, we did a plate match up. That is where you try to match factors with products on plates. All of this stuff is done with one person teamed up with another person against another team. Now you might wonder why it is called Glow Day? Well, that’s because we turned all the lights off and put black lights around the room and turned them on. Each station was about ten minutes and there were five stations. So Glow Day lasted fifty minutes for each class. There were three classes.




Olivia Erdman 3rd grade Mrs. Conrad’s class Lenkerville Elementary