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Students' Holiday Perfomance

This Christmas holiday season had a couple of the classes at Lenkerville Elementary bustling with activity with Christmas Traditions of a holiday play.

Mrs. Donbaugh’s and Miss Lahr’s students, 2nd through 5th  grade, worked hard to learn lines, songs, and even dances to continue their ongoing tradition of putting on a Christmas play.  Mrs. Donbaugh’s  and Miss Lahr’s students put on the Christmas play, “Kookabura’s Christmas Down Under,” for the residents at Premier At Susquehanna, formally known as Susquehanna Lutheran Village, on Wednesday, December 20th and then again for the students, faculty, parents and grandparents on Friday, December 22nd.   

As always, the residents of SLV appeared to enjoy watching the children perform and interacted with them afterword.  After the play, the students invited the residents to join them in singing a few Christmas carols.  The students made Christmas cards to give to the residents.  

While working on the play, the students worked on reading skills, music, drama, and even some dancing and sign language.   The boys and girls have worked hard, had a lot of fun and did an excellent job performing, singing and dancing.

In this play, several characters such as koalas, wombats, an alligator, and a platypus teach “Kooky” the kookaburra about Christmas traditions in the North and Australia, “The land down under.”  The characters decorate Kooky’s gum tree with lights, tinsel and decorations.