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Lenkerville Elementary School held a literacy night on Monday, February 27, 2017 which was sponsored by the school district and the Lenkerville PTO. The evening was designed for families to come and share in stories and activities provided by our teachers and staff, provide an opportunity for families to gain literacy resources, and to have fun at the PTO Book Fair. Thank you to everyone that helped out with planning and the actual event. A special thank you to Sue Minninch (Title I teacher) and Crystal Romberger (PTO President) for all of their help in organizing this educational event.
The following list details the number of families that participated and lists the names of people that helped out. Thank you to everyone!

Hats Off to Dr. Seuss Literacy Literacy Night, February 27, 2017


Co-organizers: Sue Minnich & Crystal Romberger (PTO president)




There was a total of 124 school-age students who attended:

K: 21

1st: 29

2nd: 22

3rd: 20

4th: 21

5th: 7

Title I students: 16


Teachers & staff who helped/participated:

Reading stations: Two teachers/staff per station. These teachers came up with their stations and bought any supplies they needed.


Barb Herb

Tammy Snyder


Robin Willier

Sally Tobias


Lisa Donbaugh

Melissa Clemmer


Cheryl Miller

Joni Enterline


Cheryl Dyba

Ann Marie Burger


Michael Haley


Jessica Miller


Other helpers that night:

Bobbie Prouse-manned the registration table

Robin Rowe --  helped Michael Haley

Christina Lahr---- helped Jessica Miller

high school students: Jillian Warfel, Shannon Seiders, Kiki Reed, Victoria Maldonado, Megan Paul, Lacy Strait, Logan Roadcap, Layla Engle


Teachers/staff that helped in the preparations before the event:

Crystal Romberger--co-organizer: orchestrated the PTO end of the night; bought supplies & prizes

Molly Dietrich--had her students make all of the Literacy Night posters to hang around the school

Sally Dietrich--made the direction signs to help participants navigate around to the events throughout the school.

Michelle Deaven--created the map of events which went on the back of the program that we handed out that night.

Jess Miller--organized a book drive for her Book Bingo station.