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Election 2016

Learning about the election process

 In November, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Clemmer and Mrs. Donbaugh wrapped up a writing project where 4th and 5th grade students were paired together to do a special opinion essay on voting.  Their topic was to persuade people to get out and vote.   A fourth grade and fifth grade student paired up to research reasons that people should get out to the polls and vote for their favorite candidate. 

 Mr. Null’s 5th grade and Mr. Haley’s 4th grade classes worked on a project together in which they discussed the election process and the students made posters for the election.

 Mrs. Donbaugh’s students held a “Mock Election” at Lenkerville, as we have in past election years.  Mrs. Donbaugh’s class made "polling booths" for students and faculty to go into to place their vote on November 8th.  They learned about the different political parties and the election process in their reading and language arts class.   The class prepared for students coming into “Election Central” and counted the votes at the end of the day.  The winner of Lenkerville’s “Mock Election” was Donald Trump.