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Mrs. Miller’s Wise Words Wednesday

Mrs. Miller’s Wise Words Wednesday

Wise words Wednesday is a day that we choose a quote from the board and write what it means to us. To start with, we get our quotes from books, the students, or Mrs. Miller finds them somewhere. It is fun because we have the opportunity to come up with our own quotes. It is also pleasurable because we get to be creative and write about an inspiring quote. In addition, we get to write about what the quote means to us. We get the freedom to write what we want for the quote. Also, we get the option to share if you want but only if you want to. Third, most of the time our section for the quotes is filled up. Sometimes we have to put other quotes on top of each other to get them all to fit! Also, if we make a quote or copy a quote we can design how we write it.

In conclusion, Wise Words Wednesday should happen in every classroom because students can be creative and make their own quotes, design them, and write about it.

By, Mariah Watts