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The Big Big Big Big Big Presentation.

What did they bring? They brought honey.

Who brought it? Mr.Carns and his son Ryan.

Where did they bring them? The gym.

How did they bring them? They used containers.

   We got to taste honey that was fresh and it tasted like sugar, flowers, and really sweet hard candy.

Mr.Carns and Ryan showed the school how they get honey from the combs.

Ryan Showed us what they have to wear so they don’t get hurt by the bees.

They showed us pictures that some people were scared of but it was really  fun we’re glad we got to do that.

I wish we could do this again. It was awesome.

This was our Big Big Big Big Big  Presentation.

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Honey can be saved for many years and not get moldy.

Honey comes from pollen and without pollen we wouldn't have bees and we NEED bees to get honey! Image result for bees with honeyBy:Savannah Bowers and Mary Riland