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5th Grade Ozobots


 Ozobots are these little robots that read color codes that tells it what to do. There are many different codes that you can use, see image link below.  You can adjust the speed, the direction and many more things. You can create a game out of the colors and you can gain or lose points from running over certain color codes. You can set timers for how long the game lasts, and you can have it pause. You can have it do cool  moves like a tornado, zigzag, spin, and backwalk.  

How you do the tracks are pretty simple. How it moves is when it runs over a black line, it follows the line. When you get the ozobot, it comes with a pack of markers, or you can use crayola markers.  All you do is you first start with a piece of paper and  a black marker and draw a line. Then, you take the other markers and put them in a specific order according to what you want it to do. What you can also do is if you don't want to do it on paper, you can download the app and do it on there. If you need any more info, visit the ozobots original website, link below. Fifth grade got to have a full 80 minutes of using these really cool Ozobots. They are fun to use, and hope if you buy them, you enjoy them too.

By: Raegan Hale and Brenden Johnson

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