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Lenkerville Elementary Participates In School-wide "Oreo Stacking Day" STEM Project

On November 30th, Lenkerville Elementary held a school-wide "Oreo Stacking Day" STEM Project. Students at Lenkerville were asked to bring in a pack of Oreo’s and wear black and white for the day. Each teacher decided on what STEM activities they would do with their classes. Kindergarten started with ten cookies. They did some math problems with their Oreo's, then it was time to get to work stacking! Each student started stacking two Oreo’s and kept adding one at a time until they fell over. The top number of stacked Oreo’s in Kindergarten was 16. Mrs. Eggleston’s class created an Oreo City with their Oreo’s. The other grades were able to stack up to 28 cookies without them falling over. Second grade students made a chart on how they like to eat their Oreo’s. Third grade did a taste test of who likes what kind of Oreo’s. This was a fun reward day for all students and staff!

oreo1 oreo2 oreo3 oreo4 oreo5 oreo6