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Millersburg To Consider Cooperative Sports With UDA

As many residents may be aware, the Millersburg Area School District and the Upper Dauphin Area School District have been engaged in discussions related to forming a sports cooperative that would serve the students of both districts moving forward.  Part of the process in deciding whether or not to proceed with the cooperative sport program is engaging stakeholders of the program in discussions about the program and how it would be operated.  As such, the following meetings have been set up to meet with various stakeholder groups.  Each meeting will include a presentation based on the below presentation and an open time for questions and comments from the stakeholders involved.

July 17th – 6:00 PM @ UDA Middle School Auditorium – Coaches, Marching Band Faculty and Youth Coaches

July 24th – 6:00 PM @ UDA Middle School Auditorium – Booster Officers and Members

August 6th – 6:00 PM @ Millersburg High School Auditorium – Public Meeting (Parents, Community Members and Students)

August 13th – 6:00 PM @ UDA Middle School Auditorium – Public Meeting (Parents, Community Members and Students)

We understand that it is summer and that people may have vacations scheduled.  Coaches who cannot make the meeting on July 17th are invited to attend any of the other meetings.  The public meeting at Millersburg is open to anyone (not just Millersburg residents).  The public meeting at UDA is also open to anyone (including Millersburg residents).

We also understand that this proposal is a very large change for each of our districts.  Most people involved in Upper Dauphin and Millersburg athletics growing up have been filled with a tribal mentality which is steeped in rich tradition and rivalry.  Now we are asking everyone to set those feelings aside and move forward with what we believe to be the best solution for our current and future students.  The proposed plan will be implemented over a 10 year period.  It will not happen overnight.  We ask two things as we move into these discussions.  First, an open mind based on the desire to meet the ongoing needs of current and future students.  Second, the recognition that if we do not do something, that someday in the not so distant future we may be making rapid decisions in a reactionary mode that may include the dismantling of certain athletic teams.  In no way are we minimizing the past athletic histories of either school.  Our hope is to continue to pay respect to those histories while creating a new tradition in a cooperative manner that meets the needs of both districts.

Within the attached presentation is a lot of information.  It is important to understand that this is a draft of a roadmap and not set in stone.  That said, everything in the presentation was based on discussion and negotiation with the senior leadership of both school districts.  Part of a cooperative program is discussion and negotiation and each side must be willing to accept some level of change for the program to be successful.  As you read the presentation, please recognize that the above meetings are an opportunity for you to provide your insight into the process.  Once the meetings are complete, the senior leadership will then present a final plan to the joint boards in September and a vote will occur in October if the boards agree to move forward with the final plan.


Click Here To View The Millersburg/UDA Cooperative Sports Presentation