Student Council

Student Council is an active group of elected students that plan and implement activities throughout the year. Students are elected by their peers to represent their grades. Eight students from each grade level are selected to be homeroom representatives. The elections will take place in September. Officers are chosen in May/June for the following school year. All representatives must be on at least one committee. Committees include activity, dance, community service, fundraising, and teacher appreciation.


Student Council has a wide variety of activities that they sponsor throughout the year. Some of them are done in the school and others are done outside of the building. Parent participation is greatly appreciated. If you are interested in helping with student council activities, please contact one of the advisors, or a PTSO officer.


Below are some of the activities the student council sponsors:


Community Service Events include a food drive in October, a toy drive in December, a clothing drive in January, Valentines are made for SLV residents in February, and a Ferryboat Rock-a-Thon in March. The other months may include a drive for Lifeline, Red Cross, or another organizations. Our biggest community service project is Breakfast with Santa, which is held in the cafeteria every December. The student council does not benefit financially from this event. It is held as a service to the children of our community.


Dances are held at various times throughout the year. Dances begin at 7:00 PM and end at 9:00 PM. Students will not be permitted to leave the dance before 9:00 PM unless they have a note signed by a parent stating what time they are to leave, and who will be picking them up. The doors will be locked at 8:00 p.m. If you know you will be late, other arrangements can be made. Again, please see that a note is given to a student council advisor prior to the dance explaining what time your son/daughter will arrive and why. 


There different dress up days that we sponsor throughout the year. We try to do two a month. Some of the activities chosen in the past include sock day, pajama day, twin day, orange and black day, red, green or white day, all sports day, and comfy clothes day. These are just a few.


There are also many other types of activities throughout the year. The day before Christmas break we hold Capers & Movie Day. The Capers are in the morning and consist of several different relay races. Grade levels complete by homeroom. There are no prizes for the day, only lots of fun. The afternoon is filled with different movies from which the students may choose. They are usually given about five choices. Also, in December, homerooms decorate doors and staff members then judge them.


In March we sponsor Spring Break Day. Students may choose from activities such as roller-skating, bowling, basketball, soccer, movies, board & card games, or computer games. This is an afternoon only.


In the spring we have a field day and class picnics. We also hold a Frisbee football day where students battle each other as well as the faculty.


In addition to fun activities, the student council has various teacher appreciation days. Without the cooperation of faculty, all the activities we do would not be possible. We also thank the cooks, custodians, and secretaries with their own days.