• Philosophy
    The purpose of the Millersburg Middle School is to serve the unique needs of the transcendent child.  Transcendence is defined as the period in human development, which begins in late childhood prior to the onset of puberty and extends through the early stages of adolescence.  Students at the stage in their development are faced with unique social, emotional, physical and intellectual changes that are more pronounced at this time than any other time in their development.  Diversity, rapid change, and the assumption of responsibility are characteristics of the middle school student that should receive consideration and be understood by all who work with the middle school student.  A variety of available experiences, both basic and exploratory, are offered in the Millersburg Middle School educational program.  Opportunities will also exist for the student to have experiences that help to meet individual needs and interests.  The focus of the Millersburg Middle School is on the individual student with an emphasis on basic skills within a framework of a flexible program in an environment where the child is of primary importance.